About Neridah

I was born in Hamilton south-west Victoria in the same hospital that my parents and my grandparents were born (I’m pretty sure it was a different obstetrician though). I had the perfect childhood. I was surrounded by cats and dogs, (kittens and puppies too, of course), canaries, doves, chickens and ducks (yep, chicks and ducklings), turtles, ferrets, rabbits, calves and lambs. And I had loads of cousins to play with! So they were happy days and I guess that’s why I write for children.

My Grandfather was a stockman and he bred, trained and raced his own racehorses. I’d spend hours in the saddle as a child, riding and jumping over fallen logs with my cousin.

We’d hang out in the stables, watching horses being broken in and farriers shoeing. We’d help mix bran and molasses and turn the straw in their boxes. After track work, we’d sit around on upturned feed tins chatting and telling stories. When my Grandfather's brood mares were foaling we’d be woken up in the middle of the night to go and watch a foal being born. It was an amazing time and yet back then, I thought this was completely normal! On the farm I’d wander around the paddocks in my Grandfather’s gumboots looking for mushrooms. My Grandmother would panfry them in butter and we’d eat them on toast.
Neridah McMullin

On the farm I’d wander around the paddocks in my Grandfather’s gumboots looking for mushrooms. My Grandmother would panfry them in butter and we’d eat them on toast.

I loved looking for caterpillars, the hairy ones that curl up into a ball in the palm of your hand, catching butterflies and tadpoles and yabbying down at the creek with my brother Roger and other kids on neighbouring farms.

Summer holidays and school holidays were spent at Port Fairy where my family has a beach house. Surfing, swimming and beachcombing were the order of our days. My parents have since retired down there and we now spend every holiday there.

My schooling was unremarkable, but I loved every minute of it. It was after recurring bouts of tonsillitis in Year 3 that I became an avid reader. It never crossed my mind I could be a writer. I didn’t think I was smart enough.

Competitive Athletics dominated my life teenage years. I had moderate success, at state and national level and what I gained from this experience was a work ethic. If you work hard, you give yourself every chance to succeed. And if you don’t make - it’s the friends you made along the way and what you learnt that really matter.

As a curious farm child, I followed the university path of science. I worked as a Scientist in Research and Development in the Dairy and Confectionary industry for 16 years. I was literally the ‘mad scientist’ with my white laboratory coat, hair net and blundstone boots. It was a very cool job. Some days I would eat chocolate all day. Some days cheese. Sometimes both! My work was experimental and hands-on, developing formulations on a laboratory pilot and then scaling them up to factory size. It a dream job and it took me all over the world.

But nothing beats being a writer…

How did I start writing? I only began to put pen to paper after I had children. I just had to write it all down, it was a compulsion. I wrote with mistakes and all, but that's how I started. I’ve attended loads writing workshops and creative writing courses since, and I’ve found myself a good editor.



I am an Aries


I am a qualified Cheese Maker


I am very good with a calculator (which is a nice way of saying I can't add up)


I have acute hearing (bionic, actually)


I am a collector of the unusual: stones, bones, feathers, old china, rare books, maps, deceased bugs


I am an Aries


I can crack a stockwhip


I have ran the Melbourne Marathon (I don't recommend it)


I am NAUI Openwater 1 Scuba Diver


I have trekked the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu in Peru, South America.